Cave girl. 
model Theresa Manchester photo Kristen Wrzesniewski 
photo by Chip Willis,  model Theresa Manchester
photo by Chip Willis, model Theresa Manchester
model Theresa Manchester, photo by Chip Willistherealchipwillis:

Theresa Manchester
One way to keep warm
…wolf shorts courtesy New York Couture :)
Philadelphia Feb 29-March 7
NYC March 8-12
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Model: Theresa Manchester
Photography: Marcie Cobbaert
Cecil Rob | Manchester
Portlandia. I seriously cannot get over how much I loved this place. The whole state. Must return, asap.
"Bonnie and Clyde" | Manchester
Little boxes

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September 9-12 SAN FRANCISCO / OAKLAND 13-15 SACRAMENTO 16-17 …off/driving… 18-21 EUGENE/ PORTLAND 22-26 TACOMA / SEATTLE 26-30 VANCOUVER 
"Bonnie and Clyde" | Manchester
… you wish, by the way!