Here is a page dedicated to my most frequently asked questions.

Are you really a model?

Yes, really! I get paid to have my picture taken. This has been my full time and only job for several years. 

What’s a travelling model?

I’ve travelled to about 40-something of the 50 states and parts of Canada and Europe, touring, hustling, getting my name out there and working with some of the best photographers! Basically, I book work in cities all over the country, and then hit the road like musicians do! I also work constantly when I’m at home in Los Angeles.

Your sleeve, is that Lisa Frank?? Where did you get that done??

Yes! My primary tattoo artist is amazing, her name is Amanda Pepper. Her website is www.bemycanvas.com and she is located in St. Louis, MO. 

When is the next time you’ll be travelling through (X-city,state,country)?

I have a google calendar located on www.theresamanchester.com that I post a roundabout timetable of where I’ll be next. The best way to follow tour announcements will be to watch here on tumblr, or to follow me on twitter, @TheresaManchstr . Of course, I am always available for travel provided expenses are fully paid. You may message me at theresamanchester.model@gmail.com for any inquiries.

What are your rates?

I do not publicly post set rates, because every job is very different. Like anything in this world, you get what you pay for! Please email me at theresamanchester.model@gmail.com with a description of your project, and we can discuss!

I have this really great idea/project, will you shoot with me for free?

Again, this is my only source of income and full time job, so it’s not very likely. If I’m interested in testing with someone, usually I’ll be the one to initiate contact. I of course consider for confirmed tearsheets and stylists, but otherwise, please request my rates!

Advice for new models?

If you’re just starting out, I recommend creating a profile on a website such as modelmayhem.com - Not only a great place for networking and newbies, and the forums are a phenomenal resource to answer all your questions and really give you a great start! Do your own research!

Generally, treat others with respect and just as much professionalism as you would like to be treated with. You are selling your image, so make sure you are always looking your best and treating your body right! Most importantly, have thick skin - you will always face rejection at every level of experience - whether you’re doing this just for fun, or if you aspire to make modelling your full time career!

Where else can I find you on the web?

All over! 


twitter: @TheresaManchstr

instagram: theresamanchester4eva

homepage: www.theresamanchester.com

What’re all your tattoos about?

Here’s the cliffnotes version:

chestpiece : Heart with a plane crashing through it, reads “Life is No Cabaret”. Dresden Dolls inspired. Done by Mo Malone.

sleeve: Lisa Frank inspired, by Amanda Pepper.

feet: Two lyrics, “Sugarless” and “Cancerous”, referencing the song “Paint Pastel Princess” by Silverchair. I also have my friend Collin J. Rae’s signature tattooed on my foot. 

lip: the inside of my lip reads “PLEASE”

hips: A coverup piece of an underage tattoo, two unicorns and an all seeing eye. By Ken Dean.

neck: a yellow bird with flowers. By Amanda Pepper.

lower back: Yes, this is a tattoo, not scarification. It is done with pink ink, like any other tattoo of color. It is the cover art for the album “Neon Ballroom”.